zenit-boards-marble-35 Switchback Longboards
zenit-boards-marble-35 Switchback Longboards

Zenit - Marble 35 Deck 35"

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Built around a Marble 38 mold, this deck has 1 less ply in the layup and a few inches off the nose. Snappier and lighter than the 38. This deck is a true hill/city slayer. Designed for pros and the everyday shredder the Marble features a micro dropped platform, wheel flares, a fully functional kicktail, machined wheel wells, wheelbase options and flush mounts so you can run a smaller wheelbase and not affect your truck angle. We designed this board so the avid downhill rider and the casual city shredder can have a blast.

Set it up at a longer wheelbase and you have a directional topmount ready to go down the gnarliest mountain passes, or set it at its smallest wheelbase to have something that can ollie over curbs, slash banks and make quick turns to initiate slides with more agressivity and style.

Pressed in our new CONFO mold, the concave is a mix of hard angles and smooth curves, giving you something that is present enough to make you at ease at the highest speeds and is mellow enough to still be comfortable just cruising around and carving. Every board will be unique with its finish created by coloring our epoxy resin and handmade patterns similar to marble.

Length : 35"
Width: 9 3/8"
Wheelbase: 23.75" - 24.75"