About Us

Switchback Longboards began as a grassroots, community-based shop in Nanaimo, BC that focused on holding local events and to get out and ride as often as possible. Since we started in 2007, the community has grown larger and events now happen across Canada and around the world. This has allowed us to meet and become friends with all the people we looked up to in the longboarding community before we started.

Since 2016, Switchback has been based out of Longboard Haven (LBH) in Toronto. What began as a relationship between Switchback and the Escarpment Surfers (Ontario based downhill crew) in 2011 has led to us taking the reigns for Switchback here in the deep south of Canada.

Instead of adding the gear to LBH inventory and calling it a day, we decided that a shop like Switchback that had been around that long and done so much for the community as it has still needed to be active and operational. Kelsey was owed that much for the love and dedication he poured into it over the years <3

We are proud of the knowledge we offer and the honest, no-bullshit advice we provide each and every customer. Getting on a board offers everyone something different and our focus is to ensure that you have the best equipment to get out on and that you have fun.

All of us at Switchback Longboards are passionate about skating, whatever its shape, style, or form, and believe that you are never too young or old to start.