TSG - Force V A Knee Pads - Black
TSG - Force V A Knee Pads - Black

TSG - Force V A Knee Pads - Black

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The perfect compromise between comfort and safety with a classy strong black to provide strength and durability like none other! TSG Force V A Knee Pads are trusted by professional and amateur skaters around the world to offer elite protection across a wide array of sports.

The TSG Force V A knee pad is modeled on Jono Schwan’s low-profile, hard cap vert pad but offers the enhanced protection and comfort of an extra layer of Arti-Lage Foam.This super foam mimics the functionality of human cartilage by providing a protective layer that mitigates impacts, even better than traditional EVA foams.

Two soft neoprene butterfly straps support placement and provide a comfortable, no-pinch foundation while the top is a 360° Velcro strap and the bottom is adjustable and has a buckle. As a finishing touch, the inside of the Force V has anti-shift silicone print that supports a slip-free fit and minimizes shifting.