Powell Peralta - Dragonskin Wheels - 69mm-82a

Powell Peralta - Dragonskin Wheels - 69mm-82a

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Ready for a soft freeride wheel that rolls fast and lasts forever?  The new Powell Peralta Dragonskin wheel is here and will take performance and durability to another level!

Dragonskin's are made of ultra-premium urethane formula that uses the most expensive raw ingredients ever used in skateboard wheels to produce a soft wheel that outlasts, outrolls and outperforms every other wheel formula ever made!

The new Dragonskin (DS) formula is tough as nails and will outlast all others on smooth pavements due to the use of proprietary formula made in Powell's own California urethane pouring facility. The DS formula roll faster than anything else out there due to extremely high rebound and due to the immense edge grip that will allow you to grip corners better for optimal exit speed.

Poured at 82a the Dragonskin wheel rolls hard and fast, but has substantially more edge grip and traction than other formulas like SSF and breaks out into smooth slides and glides over top of even the worst pavement. When you want to slide, it effortlessly breaks into a slide that feels tacky and sticky such that you can put it back on edge when you want, but still glides over the pavement with zero chatter. 

This new DS formula excels in high temperatures, but feels sticky and comfortable even when cold.

Time for a freeride wheel that does everything!!

Diameter:  69mm
Width:  48mm
Contact Patch:  44mm (Snakes 38mm)
Durometer:  82a
Core Placement:  Center-set
Lip Profile:  Round
Wheel Surface:  Stone Ground

Due to the limited quantities available and to keep things fair, 1 set per customer - if you order more than 1 set your money will be refunded