powell-peralta-mini-frog-byron-essert-deck-37 Switchback Longboards
powell-peralta-mini-frog-byron-essert-deck-37 Switchback Longboards

Powell Peralta - Mini Frog Byron Essert Deck 37"

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The Powell Peralta Byron Essert MINI Frog model longboard is the ultimate all around downhill and free ride board.  The originators of the best skate tech have stepped their game up and joined the ranks of other high end longboard brands. This Powell Peralta Byron Essert MINI Frog deck will amaze you. Lightweight Bamboo and Maple construction. 

Mellow Flex in all directions.
Sharp concave edge for maximum foot traction.
Anatomically designed concave for full foot contact.
Narrower width for smaller riders.
.25" drop for lower center of gravity and to lock you in on slides.
Front and rear wheel wells for greater wheel clearance.
Single kicktail.
Freeride and all-around shape for ollies, city cruising, slides or downhill.

This board also has nose and read bumpers protecting it from damage

Length: 37.03" 
Width: 9"
Thickness: .485"
Drop center: .25"
Wheelbase: 25" / 25.40" / 25.80" / 26.20"
Nose: 2.45"
Tail: 5.38"