powell-peralta-kevin-reimer-skateboard-wheel-75mm-82a Switchback Longboards

Powell Peralta - Kevin Reimer Race Wheel - 75mm-82a

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The 75 mm-82a Kevin Reimer Race wheels are some of the fastest and best racing wheels ever made. The 82a version is poured in Powell's RACE formula producing tons of reliable grip and super fast roll speed.

This harder version is optimal for smooth roads and will roll faster, slide smoother, and last longer - this will even serve as a giant freeride wheel!

The Powell-Peralta Kevin Reimer wheel is an ALL-OUT race wheel. It is a new concept on wheel design that features a massive inset lip that will give you huge traction, better wear, and a narrower track width on your trucks. This is NOT for sliding casually, or for cruising the streets, it is for racing World Cup level tracks and taking home podiums.

Compared to the other wheels, this one is the stiffest and will hold a lot of traction before it breaks out. It will be grippier in slide than you think, since our black urethane tends towards having a more crystalline wear pattern, and more grip.

Diameter: 75 mm
Durometer: 82a