Darkroom - Prisma Deck - 8.875" x 31.5"

Darkroom - Prisma Deck - 8.875" x 31.5"

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Want to be different in a changing world, Darkroom might be right choice

Don Pendleton has, over the course of 20 years, become one of skateboarding’s most accomplished artists. His distinctive work is highly sought after and Pendleton lists dozens of brands, ranging from Heroin and Zero, Alien Workshop to Element

Working with Mike Sinclair and State Footwear’s Kevin Furtado, this newish venture is driven completely by Pendleton’s creativity and Darkroom was born

Darkroom brings amazing graphics to the market, produced in the USA with the highest quality wood and most functional shapes, these are some of the most solid decks in the industry

Please note: Top ply stain colors may vary from photo

Width: 8.875"
Wheelbase: 14.25" 
Tail: 6.625" 
Nose: 6.375" 
Length: 31.5"