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Bronson - RAW Shield-less Bearings

Bronson - RAW Shield-less Bearings

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Stripping things down to the bare basics to go fast, the Bronson Raw bearings, the next generation of shield-less bearings!

No more shields to get damaged or pop off, the first shield-less bearing designed for longboarding/skateboarding with no shield grooves in either race for no crud, dust and dirt build up - audible speed technology, smooth speed you can hear!


  • Tungsten Coated Races
  • “Maximum Impact” - Cage Design
  • Deep Groove Raceways
  • Ceramic Lubricated

Less friction, no trapped gunk, stronger durability and more speed. Bronson just unleashed the next level of speed with shield free design, tungsten coated races, and a max impact cage.

No shields means easy cleaning and no worry about smashing the shields and restricting how your bearings roll

100% hand inspected twice and micro-polished & ultrasonic solvent washed 3X prior to final packaging

Set of 8 bearings