Blood Orange Wheels - Alpine Race Wheels 73mm/80a - White

Blood Orange Wheels - Alpine Race Wheels 73mm/80a - White

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When you want to go fast and have predictable drifts, the new Blood Orange Alpine wheels delivers both in spades!

The new Alpine series was designed for high-speed lines and predictable drifts without sacrificing traction. This is Blood Orange's highest quality race and downhill wheel, combining a solid, stiff cored, designed to increase support throughout the wheel which promotes high roll speeds and even wear throughout the life of the wheel

Comes with extra sticky urethane out of the package, but once it's broken in is pretty smooth and comfortable for sliding, drifting, and some fast stand up slides

With expert input from team riders, Liam Morgan, Jasper Ohlson, and Jordan Riachi, Blood Orange developed the new Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) urethane that creates the ultimate downhill wheel. It is ready to be ridden, either on the race course or just getting out to go fast!

Diameter: 73mm
Width: 58mm
Offset: 5mm
Contact Patch: 58mm
Formula: MPF
Durometer: 80a (Green)