Tekton - Precision-Profiled XT Steel Bearing Spacers

Tekton - Precision-Profiled XT Steel Bearing Spacers

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Tekton™ Precision-Profiled XT™ Steel Spacers

Premium 0.400-inch steel bearing spacers

Machined from premium bearing steel and given advanced heat treatment, Tekton Precision-Profiled XT (Extra-Tough) Steel Spacers have extra-wide ends that square up against classic (non-built-in) bearings with nearly 60% more surface contact.

Aligning the bearings far more stably than traditional thin-tube spacers formed of much softer iron or aluminum (which can actually compress and deform under the stresses of modern downhill and freeriding).

Results in improved speed and acceleration, more consistent wheel contact and grip while cornering, predictable slide release & hookup and longer wheel and bearing life

Set of 4 spacers