seismic-tekton-7-ball-ceramic Switchback Longboards
seismic-tekton-7-ball-ceramic Switchback Longboards

Seismic - Tekton 7 Ball Ceramic Bearings

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Already in a class by itself, black ceramic balls send the self-aligning Tekton design to a whole new realm of fast. Compared to even the finest steel bearing balls, ceramic balls have several remarkable advantages that justify their higher cost. They’re significantly lighter and lower in friction, so they accelerate faster and roll further at a higher speed, even with little or no lubricant. They’re so hard and strong that they crush dirt, debris, and even rust, which keeps the steel raceways clean and polished. They dissipate heat better, so bearings (and wheels) run cooler. They’re also rustproof, so they last longer even when ridden in wet conditions.