seismic-alpha-wheels-75-5mm-defcon Switchback Longboards
seismic-alpha-wheels-75-5mm-defcon-Mango-Switchback Longboards
seismic-alpha-wheels-75-5mm-defcon-Mint-Switchback Longboards

Seismic - Alpha Wheels 75.5mm - Defcon

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A perfect balance of optimal properties for modern competitive racing: size and momentum to carry you past the competition in straightaways; finely-tuned width and supremely supported edges for smooth, predictable handling through even the hardest corners combined with a very fast urethane that the skateboard industry has ever seen.

The Alpha’s stout S-shaped edge profile optimizes lip support, maximizes traction under extreme G’s, and ensures predictable slide initiation and hookup. 

The Alpha™ also marks the debut of Seismic’s proprietary Fusion™ core – at 46 mm tall x 44 mm wide, the largest and most supportive hub ever seen in a wheel this size. 

Urethane: Defcon™: Guinness WR speed, directional slide, long-lasting grip, slow, consistent wear

Diameter: 75.5 mm Width: 62.5 mm Contact Patch: 62.5 mm Lip Profile: Square/Sharp Core Placement: Offset 6% Durometer: 76a - Mango, 78a - Mint