rogue-trucks-cast-all-black Switchback Longboards
rogue-trucks-cast-all-black Switchback Longboards
rogue-trucks-cast-all-black Switchback Longboards

Rogue - Cast Trucks 186mm-48 degree

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The Rogue Cast Trucks are a game changer, throwing everything you know about downhill trucks out the window. These trucks feature no bushing seat, giving you maximum lean and turn. But don’t you worry, they have you covered.

The Cast Version of the widely acclaimed Rogue Precision truck is designed to bring our unique features accessible to all riders. Built with the same geometry and design elements, the Cast trucks feel nearly identical to the precisions at a fraction of the cost.

The Cast Trucks come in at 186mm, with an insert bushing, eliminating all side to side slop, thus eliminating speed wobbles altogether. They come designed for tall bushings, giving you deeper turn, more rebound, and overall more stability.

The Rogue Cast Trucks have speed and stability in mind, without compromising turn depth or lean - an overall badass truck that’s ready for race day.

Width: 186 mm
Axle Size: 8 mm
Rake: 2 mm
Baseplate Degree(s): 48°
Kingpin Style: Reverse Kingpin (RKP)
Bushings: Tall Height Bushings (Sangria)

Come in Raw, Black, Black/White