rayne-whip-dancer-deck-47 Switchback Longboards
rayne-whip-dancer-deck-47 Switchback Longboards

Rayne - Whip Dancer Deck 47"

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The Whip 47 is for those who want walk hard. Maybe even go for a short jog on their board; who knows? The 47 is oriented around the premiere board-walker; it’s the flexiest out of the three and is meant as a pure-bred freestyle/dancing hybrid that excels at everything that has to do with style and flow.

The Whip 47 is formulated for dancers and freestylers between 130-190 pounds. If you weigh more, don’t worry; the board isn’t off-limits, but upon landing hard jumps and tricks, the board may scrape the ground. The bamboo/fiberglass construction will hold it’s flex and shape for a lifetime of fun.

Length: 47"
Width: 9.5"
Wheelbase: 31"