powell-peralta-steve-caballero-retro-dragon-silver Switchback Longboards

Powell Peralta - Steve Caballero Chinese Dragon Deck 10" x 29.75" - Silver

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Reissue of the Cab "Chinese Dragon" deck from originally released in the late 1980s.

The graphic are by the legendary Powell skate artist VCJ- responsible for all of the OG Powell Skull/Ripper images.

All pretty much as the original; same fish shape, medium concave, size, tail, etc.

This one is drilled for old hole trucks so if you want to fit original 80's ones you won't have to drill any extra holes.

100% Canadian Maple 10.0" x 29.75" Medium Concave 4.0" nose (spooned) 6.75" tail 15.0" WB Drilled for old hole pattern trucks Width over front truck : 8.75"/Width over rear truck : 8.5"