ojoom-slide-pucks Switchback Longboards
ojoom-slide-pucks Switchback Longboards

Ojoom - Slide Pucks

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Looking for some of the best slide pucks on the market, Ojoom's yellowy goodness will take sliding to a new level!

Long lasting and smooth as puck. Malibu tested and approved! 

Ojoom slide pucks are near indestructible and scented with the sweet aroma of success. They are constructed of UHMW Polyethylene and their 3" x 3" size is perfect for riders of abilities. Ojoom Pucks are the best way to keep your mitts from melting when your shredding serious gnar!

They come with beveled edges and the nature of the self-lubricating material lets these pucks glide effortlessly across all types of pavement, keeping your hands from getting hung up

Gear up with the best, get Ojoom!

Made in Los Angeles, California