Killing Floor Skateboards - Gray Temperance - 8.25"

Killing Floor Skateboards - Gray Temperance - 8.25"

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The Killing Floor is a Pacific Northwest skate company that was founded in 2009 and their inspiration comes from old blues, jazz, classic rock and the simpler days of old school skateboarding. 

Though it’s a sport to many, the Killing Floor crew views skateboarding as a form of art and their mission is to help younger generations embrace the beauty of skating and to come together as a group to build the skating community in the right direction.

The Killing Floor Skateboards aka "TKF" is owned by John Vitale, a skateboarder and designer from Portland, Oregon and since its inception Vitale has been designing for The Killing Floor, always with art at the forefront!

Stain colors will vary