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Kebbek - Ben Dub Top Mount 38"

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Ben is a man of mystery. He lives off the grid in the rugged backwoods of northern Quebec, and answers only to his dog Sasquatch. We haven’t heard from him in months, but when he does venture into the city to surface for a local event, his personality and style is never forgotten. Ben has been on the team since 2008 and has continued to influence downhill skateboarding with vibrancy and charisma.

Go fast, find lines, hop a sewer, cut alleys and do it every day. Ben’s lifestyle is one
that has no boundaries so we had to make him a board without any. It sucks to be
told to leave one or two set-ups out because the car is already over-packed, shove
in the Ben Dub TM 38 because it’s going to serve all your needs.

This season the Ben Dub got a major face lift. We mellowed the concave for those who like it a bit more mellow, but increased the intensity of the micro drop. 1/2" concave, 1/4" micro drop, wheel base- 24.5"-28. We also added fiberglass to the construction. 8 ply of Canadian maple sandwiched between 2 plys of tri-axial fiberglass. and don't worry, we left a kick tail on it...every DH board should have one.