Arbor - Drop Cruiser Flagship Longboard Complete - 38"

Arbor - Drop Cruiser Flagship Longboard Complete - 38"

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Arbor longboards combine natural raw materials, traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs since 1995

Beauty and performance together, cruise the town and do it in style with the Arbor Drop Cruiser 38" longboard complete

One of the more heavily concave constructed by Arbor designs, the Drop Cruiser is a mildly flexible drop through, drop deck style design with an extremely long wheel base and 78a wheels for maximum grip when cornering. Though not intended for particularly high speeds, The 180 mm Paris Trucks offer high speed stability when you get into unexpected sticky situations combined with a relaxed flow feel when carving.

Treat yourself to a premium complete that is stable, low to the ground and looks amazing on the road

Black Walnut Wood Finish Ply

Length: 38.00"
Width: 8.8"
Wheelbase: 30.5"