aera-rf-1-cold-forged-trucks-carve-50-180mm-gold Switchback Longboards

Aera - RF-1 Cold Forged Trucks Carve - 50 deg-180mm - Gold

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Since 2009, Aera trucks has been creating the most competitive and successful downhill trucks ever made

The Carve (dance/commute) version of the RF-1 are 180mm wide and come with 50 degree baseplates and 88a Hardcore bushings

This is the truck that most riders should start with, and it can be used for ALL varieties of longboards. It is especially set-up to be easy to carve, steer around town and over city obstacles or do some lightweight freeride or downhill - the higher angle 50˚ baseplate is very versatile.

The Aera RF-1 is a cold forged, machined axle and kingpin, ultra high-end production truck. This truck is stronger than machined or CNC varieties with nearly the same level of precision so there are many advantages. The unique pivot and pivot cup allows the truck to steer deeper while also being more stable. It comes stocked with Hardcore Bushings, and is sold fully assemble

Cold forging is the process of stamping a hardened aluminum material with 30,000 lb of pressure - this nets a very precise part, and also one that is stronger since the material flows into its final shape.