zenit-morning-wood-deck Switchback Longboards
zenit-morning-wood-deck Switchback Longboards

Zenit - Morning Wood V2 Deck 34.3"

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The Morning Wood is the ideal everyday board. Essentially a stretched-out street deck, this deck is more stable at speed and has features shared from our downhill lineup, mixing the best of both street skating and downhill.

Going for a skatepark setup? Use the shortest wheelbase to get a nimble feel. You want to do some big slides? Go for the longest wheelbase with some RKPs trucks. The numerous truck mounting options allow you to get technical.

The wheel wells allow you to ride loose and fit your favourite freeride wheels for some high speed action.

Length: 34.3"
Width: 9.1"
Wheelbase: 16.25" - 18.75"