rayne-bromance-full-send-deelite-deck-39 Switchback Longboards
rayne-bromance-full-send-deelite-deck-39 Switchback Longboards

Rayne - Bromance Full Send Deelite Deck 39"

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It’s like a bond so tight you just can’t stop thinking about it. We go longboarding everywhere together. We skate the bowls, the streets and the hills. Sometimes we get crazy, we put on our leather suits and go racing. We do everything together!

Within Rayne’s downhill lineup it has the most mellow concave, but will still hold your feet for aggressive high speed shredding.

The Bromance features micro drops, a mellow rocker and practical kick tail on our super-lightweight Fatbottom Deelite construction! With it you can push faster, slide easier & pop higher.

Length: 39″
Width: 9.6″ Wheelbase: 23.5” / 26.5”