landyachtz-drop-cat-complete-33-illuminacion Switchback Longboards
landyachtz-drop-cat-complete-33-illuminacion Switchback Longboards
landyachtz-drop-cat-complete-33-illuminacion Switchback Longboards

Landyachtz - Drop Cat Complete 33" - Illuminacion

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Drop-thru and rockered, the Drop Cat brings all kinds of magic in producing a stable and energetic platform suitable for riders of every level

The time-tested maple construction and super low ride height come together with a futuristic rocker profile to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what Landyachtz has learned over 20-plus years of designing boards.

This larger, directional drop-through longboard comes in at 33″ long by 9.625″ wide and its shape has been slightly modified to work perfectly with the new GEN 6 Grizzly trucks. Built with 7 ply construction in a board this small results in a tiny amount of dampening flex which works to smooth out your ride on any rougher roads while still being stiff enough to handle some speed and sliding. This board also has a healthy dose of rocker and aggressive concave to keep your feet comfortable and locked in place while freeriding.

The Drop Cat 33 is perfect for smaller riders or people looking for a more agile ride and excels at carving cruising, long distance pushing and getting around town - comes in three different graphics to let you express yourself

Comes complete with 50 degree/180mm Grizzly GEN 6 reverse kingpin trucks, 72mm/78a Plow King wheels and Bear Spaceballs bearings - ready to ride out of the box 

Artist: Bene Rohlmann

Length: 38.6"
Width: 9.9"
Wheelbase: 29.3"

No slop, all control - don’t accept anything less than the perfect complete