Arbor - Dropcruiser Photo Longboard Complete - 38"

Arbor - Dropcruiser Photo Longboard Complete - 38"

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Arbor longboards combine natural raw materials, traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs since 1995

Beauty and performance together, cruise the town and do it in style with the Arbor Drop Cruiser Flagship 38" longboard complete

The double-drop provides a rider with a lower ride height and increased stability excellent for pushing long commutes, cruising, long distance pushing and freeride.

Dedicated to the endless mission of coastal exploration, artist and photographer Michael Townsend creates a tribute to the unforgettable moments encountered on the road towards the Baja swells in the board graphics

The 9 ply construction offers a stiff platform giving feet a solid foundation to ride
Perfect for riders of all abilities from beginner to seasoned rider, assembled with top-quality components and ready to ride our of the box

Pressed with 9-Ply sustainable Canadian Hardrock Maple, Paris Reverse Kingpin Longboard trucks 50°/180mm, Arbor Easyrider Series Outlook wheels 69mm/78A, ABEC 5 bearings with spacers and 1/8" Paris Risers

Treat yourself to a premium complete that is stable, low to the ground and looks amazing on the road!

Length: 38.00"
Width: 9.75"
Wheelbase: 29.25"