Zenit Boards Marble 40

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    Zenit Boards Marble 40

    Designed for pros and the everyday shredder. The board features a micro dropped platform, wheel flares, two fully functional kicktails, wheelbase options and a flush mount so you can run a smaller wheelbase and not affect your truck angle. We designed this board so that the avid freerider and the more mellow dance/freestyle rider can have a blast. Set it up at a longer wheelbase and you have a symetrical board capable of carving the smoothest dancing lines or set it at its smallest wheelbase to have something that can ollie over curbs, slash banks and make quick turns to initiate slides with more agressivity and style.

    Pressed in our new CONFO mold, the concave is a mix of hard angles and smooth curves giving you something that is just as comfortable at the highest speeds as it is mellow to cruise and carve around town. The board is rigid enough to go downhill but soft enough to manage every freestyle/dance tricks with ease. Pressed with tinted epoxy resin meaning the colors wont ever fade.


    Length : 40"

    Width: 9.5"

    Wheelbase: 22.5"-26.5"

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