Zenit Boards Jig 2.0

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    Zenit Boards Jig

    More compact than your average dancer, the Jig features two functionnal kicktails, a rockered platform, wheel flares and wells, as well as multipe options. The Jig can have a wheelbase ranging from 28,5 inches up to 31,75 inches, making it a big freeride board on one day and a playful dancer on the next.

    Set it at its smallest wheelbase and slash the streets with ease, or bust out long slides with the help of the well placed wheel flares. Set it up at its longest wheelbase for a softer/smoother ride that will help you dial the most stylish dancing lines with confidence and control. Visually, the Jig is quite unique because each side has a different colour from the different dyes mixed into the epoxy resin, then stained on to last a lifetime.


    Length : 34"

    Width: 9.25"

    Wheelbase: 27.5"-28.5"

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