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    Sold as 2 packs.

    1 Pack needed per truck

    2 Packs needed per complete board


    Downhill (Choose barrels)

    Plain and simple, the Downhill Pack is built for speed.  Double barrels, teamed with cup washers can give your setup that fully locked in feel that gives you the confidence you need to grab some serious velocity. 


    Super Carve (Choose cones)

    The Venom Super Carve Pack is designed to deliver the ultimate turning experience.  Quick turns, tight turns, deep turns.  Double conical bushings provide the least possible turn resistance but still have enough spring to keep you on track.


    Venom started working on SHR in March of 2009.  There seemed to be a demand for an inanely high rebound bushing, but there just didn't seem to be any good ones on the horizon.  The problem was, the other super springy bushings on the market were only super springy.  No damping.  Cars have springs AND shocks for a reason!  All the rebound with no control has a great effect on stability and adjustability.  If you try to tighten your trucks with no damping, a lot of the time the bushing just squishes, and you get no more tension. 


    Available in the following duros:
    80a, 83a, 86a, 88a, 91a, 94a, 98a


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