Rayne Whip Complete

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    Forge and Whip – a little western flavor right? Like the old west, we’re taking back the town – but with skateboards, not pistols and horses.  As you all know we released a new version of the Forge last year to put some bounce in city crushing.  Now we want to provide some yin for the yang with the Whip.  Like the forge, we made the whip to be easy to ride: playful & maneuverable but more controllable and forgiving when sliding and stepping.  We wanted to bring balance to our flow line - the forge has been very popular, probably because it's the ULTIMATE CAMBERED CARVING BOARD (modesty is an overrated virtue :p)  - we saw the need for a counterpart, but it was our European customers who unanimously demanded one. A rockered carver won't dig into carves as much as the cambered Forge will - but it is balanced with greater stability and forgiveness.  Use the forge to push turns and the whip to tame your slides and shovits, 

    To start making the ultimate ROCKERED carver we made some drastic changes. First, we skipped the fiberglass and reinforced the board with X-grain maple instead - leaving a super forgiving flex with torsional stability, while also increasing durability for head-on curb hits. Second, we applied the graphic with an ultra-slick bottom so it will continue to glide when you slap it on curbs and benches. Finally, since you wanted to have a board for walking, flipping and grabbing we rounded all of the edges to add durability and comfort.


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