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When are you getting new stock?

Some items get restocked every 1-3 weeks, while other items are always out of stock for us to order. Sometimes while we're saving up for one order, we are missing out on a bunch of products from our wishlist. If you email us about a specific product, we can give you a better idea, but sometimes we are stuck trying to guess, so beware and be patient!

How many [wheels, trucks, and bearings] do I get?

Unless specified otherwise, all components come as a set.

Board - 1
Trucks - 2
Wheels - 4
Bearings - 8
Hardware - 8


Send me stickers

That is not a question, please rephrase


Can you please send me some stickers

When playing the sticker game we like this version.
You send us an envelope inside of another envelop, on the envelope inside the other envelop you write your address and apply a stamp. Now on the outside of the envelope that has the envelope with your name and a stamp on it, in it, write our address and apply a stamp. Also Within this envelope that has the envelop in it, if you were to add some of your personal art poem or story, we may be more excited about sending more better stickers. But that is just what I hear.

Our address is:

Switchback Longboards

183 Queen St E

Toronto, ON

M5A 1S2




How long after ordering does it take to get my new toys?

Not long. We aim to have you order built, packed and waiting for shipping within 24hrs. (sometimes we are unpacking incoming orders and fall a bit behind, but we try to put shipping ahead of everything) Be aware, like most people we take weekend off and so do the shipping companies. Some small items are sent with Canada Post lettermail, this is usually a few days longer than courier's estimated time.

Courier estimated shipping times in days

British Columbia  5-8
Alberta and Saskatchewan  3-5
Manitoba  3-5
Ontario and Quebec  1-3
Maritimes  3-5
Northern Provinces  4-10



How do I do an international order?

For a couple reasons it is a little more complicated for us to sell internationally, so here is the process

1: Email us with: info@switchbacklongboards.com

  • Complete shipping address – This address must be the same verified address attached to the PayPal account that you will be paying with

  • A list of items you are interested in ordering

2 :We will get back to you with a shipping quote

3: If the shipping doesn’t scare you, we will send you a PayPal invoice

4: Once you pay the invoice we will send your order to the PayPal verified address.



Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We have no problem taking item back to exchange items that are still in new condition. It is up to you to get the items back to us. Please email beforehand to discuss the situation.


Whats the deal with Ke$ha?

Ke$ha or Die. Serious questions only please.