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    LENGTH - 37'' * WIDTH - 9.5'' * WHEELBASE - 24.5'' - 26'' 




    RONIN -  Hands down this is the most advanced skateboard we have ever produced and boy does it show. We’ve worked diligently with the style master himself Brady Brown to perfect the ultimate freeride/DH board for his debut pro-model and after crazy amounts of prototypes we’re ready to unleash the RONIN on the world. It features concave that mates seamlessly with the rocker, front and rear flares and the flush mounts for your trucks giving you unlimited control and full awareness of foot positioning. The Ronin is available in two flexes, Flex 1 is ideal for inner city shredding and lighter riders (-150lbs) it’s light and has a slight flex. Flex 2 is for crushing mountains and heavier riders (+150lbs) it’s beefier and stiffer to keep you safe at high speeds. We also gave you multiple wheelbase options allowing you to adjust your tail leverage and wheelbase length so you can fine tune your board to exactly the way you like it and no matter where your truck sits the deep cut wheel wells virtually eliminate wheel bite. Graphic artist Dave Praetorius designed a killer graphic for this board based off his illustrations of the “Red-Eyed Ronin” and it takes full advantage of our  new “Bomblam” graphic process which gives you deep blacks and vibrant colors with a scratch resistant finish. 

    PRECISION PRESSED AND CUT - Unlike other companies who press multiple boards at once changing the intended shape, we press every board individually so that every board comes out exactly as it was designed. Once pressed and cured we run the boards through our 3 axis high accuracy CNC precisely cutting out the shape, wheel wells and truck holes because precision is king. 

    “BOMBLAM" GRAPHIC - We went to great lengths perfecting our “Bomblam” graphic process to create the most vibrant and rich graphics. Our process of vapourizing the ink infuses it into the deck creating an ultra durable, scratch resistant graphic.

    TORSIONAL FLEX RESISTANCE - We use high quality triaxial fiberglass virtually eliminating torsional flex. This gives you ultimate control at high speeds. The epoxy resin used in this layer also mitigates warping due to environmental conditions. 

    SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT - We use the highest quality Canadian maple sourced locally from sustainable forests on crown land in Northern Quebec, which just happens to be some of the hardest maple out there and the ultimate material for building skateboards.

    HAND MADE BY REAL PEOPLE - From layup to finish, real hands of real craftsmen handle each board ensuring top quality in every single deck to hit your local shop.
    100% MADE IN CANADA - We take great pride in the fact that all of our boards are 100% made in Canada. Locally sourcing materials, manufacturing and artwork allows us to control every step of the process giving YOU the best product imaginable and US that warm feeling of supporting Canadian families.

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